Recruit and enroll Hoosiers from every demographic into high-demand / high-wage career pathways.
Ivy Tech Community College welcomes those interested in furthering their education or advancing their careers. Students of all ages, backgrounds, interests, and education levels can earn any of the College’s broad-ranging degree and certificate options. Ivy Tech will actively recruit students into high-value programs, placing them on a pathway to high-demand, high-wage jobs within their communities. The College will purposefully work with those students to enroll them in the right program, classes, and schedule to meet their diverse needs.


STRATEGY 2.1 Build a cross-functional team among workforce alignment, enrollment services, and K-12 to focus on enrollment.
STRATEGY 2.2 Execute campus-specific strategic enrollment management plans.
STRATEGY 2.3 Ensure potential students continue through enrollment to completion.
STRATEGY 2.4 Intentionally increase the number of applicants who intend to enroll.
Attract, recruit, and enroll adults who may or may not have college experience.

Target and attract adult learners and parents of 21st Century Scholars. Beyond these audiences, establish relationships with organizations that serve potential adult students.

Attract, recruit, and enroll high school students.


Provide comprehensive recruitment and enrollment services training for staff. Utilize dual credit pathways and the College Connection Coaching model.

Attract, recruit, and enroll working adults.

Market to working adults through Achieve Your Degree partnerships to showcase real-life benefits of a certificate or degree. Train staff to better recognize and meet adult student needs during the recruitment and enrollment timeframe.


“I knew that I wanted to develop skills that would be valuable to employers and to get a degree that would lead me to good job options.”
Josh Johnson

Software Development

Josh Johnson knew he wanted more after high school. Pursuing an education and establishing a career path were top priorities for Josh.
“I knew that I wanted to develop skills that would be valuable to employers and to get a degree that would lead me to good job options,” said Josh. “I had to explore what the best options for college were for me.”

After high school, Josh explored several options for college. However, after having participated in Ivy Tech Community College dual credit courses in high school and learning about the degree options available, Ivy Tech was a natural fit. Josh immediately enrolled in Ivy Tech’s software development program.

“Ivy Tech has been great for me. The faculty works with the students to teach practical knowledge that is current and up-to-date with what is happening,” shared Josh. “They work very hard to make sure you understand the material, they communicate with you outside of class and they reach out to check-in and get you any support you need.”

The outreach and support has not only helped Josh succeed in the classroom, but it has provided additional clarity around his ultimate career goals after leaving Ivy Tech.

“I had a class for website development with Professor David Merrero and it was a great experience. The class helped me understand what web development is and I even built my own website,” shared Josh. “The professor was great, engaged with our class all hours of day and night to respond to our questions, and the material was really interesting. It helped me confirm that I want to do software development and technical programming as a career.”

Josh will graduate from Ivy Tech in May 2018 with an associate degree, technical certifications and on-the-job experience as an intern. After graduating, Josh plans to pursue a bachelor’s degree at Purdue University in the fields of informatics or political science. He hopes to ultimately pursue his career as a leader in the fields of technical project management and software development.

“Ivy Tech has helped me succeed in earning my associates degree and I feel ready to go after my bachelor’s degree. Ivy Tech has given me clarity about what I want to do for a career and how I can go about doing it. I feel ready from the start to jump in to the next step and be successful,” said Josh.


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Year 1: 100,472
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Year 5: 119,787


Year 1: 50,598
Year 3: 52,901
Year 5: 56,122

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